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  • Ellen Dyson, Rachel Helbig, Tessa Avermaete, Kate Halliwell, Philip C. Calder, Lynn R. Brown, John Ingram, Bert Popping, Hans Verhagen, Alan R. Boobis, Isabelle Guelinckx, Louise Dye and Neil Boyle (2023). Impacts of the Ukraine–Russia Conflict on the Global Food Supply Chain and Building Future Resilience. EuroChoices 0(0) ★ 01-06.
  • Julian D Stowell, David J Mela, Patrick Coppens, Julie A Lovegrove, Harry J McArdle, Frans J P van der Sman, Hans Verhagen, Hayley A Young, Ian S Young (2023). Meeting Summary: “Dietary supplements, 'functional' and 'super' foods: Science, regulations and roles in the diet”. Royal Society of Medicine, London, 29 November 2022. DOI 10.31219/











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  • University of Padova, Webinar, 4 June 2020, Hans Verhagen: “Introduction into Risk Assessment”
  • Karolinska Institute, Webinar, 26 May 2020, Hans Verhagen: “General introduction into risk-benefit of food and nutrition”