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  • Stephan Peters, Hans Verhagen, Coming from opposite parts of the spectrum of interpreting studies about Nutri-Score: Suggestion of publication bias cannot be denied. PharmaNutrition, 28, 2024, 100387, ISSN 2213-4344,
  • Stephan Peters, Hans Verhagen. Publication bias and Nutri-Score: A complete literature review of the substantiation of the effectiveness of the front-of-pack logo Nutri-Score. PharmaNutrition, 27, 2024, 100380, ISSN 2213-4344,
  • Gerritsen, J.; Verhagen, H.; Peters, S. The Updated Algorithm of Front-of-Pack Label Nutri-Score Is Not in Line with Dutch Food-Based Dietary Guidelines: Results of Calculations with Dutch Food Composition Database. Proceedings 2023, 91, 326.
  • Coates, E.; Pentieva, K.; Verhagen, H. The Prevalence and Compliance of Health Claims Used in the Labelling and Information for Prepacked Foods within Great Britain. Foods 2024, 13, 539.
  • NEWS: Cellulaire Agricultuur Nederland Stichting (CANS): "Eerste aanvragen proeverijen gecultiveerd vlees en vis kunnen worden ingediend."
  • Michiel RH. Löwik, Arne Astrup, Alan R. Boobis, Philip C. Calder, Hannelore Daniel, Ivonne MCM. Rietjens, John L. Sievenpiper, Hans Verhagen. (2024). Risk assessment of nutrients: There must be a threshold for their effects. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 146, 105539.


  • Hans Verhagen, José van den Driessche, Christiaan Kalk, Stoffer Loman, Loek Pijls, Marjolein van der Spiegel (2023). Voorwaarden en regels nieuwe voedingsmiddelen. Voeding Nu 2, Maart 2023, 20-23.
  • Ellen Dyson, Rachel Helbig, Tessa Avermaete, Kate Halliwell, Philip C. Calder, Lynn R. Brown, John Ingram, Bert Popping, Hans Verhagen, Alan R. Boobis, Isabelle Guelinckx, Louise Dye and Neil Boyle (2023). Impacts of the Ukraine–Russia Conflict on the Global Food Supply Chain and Building Future Resilience. EuroChoices 0(0) ★ 01-06.
  • Julian D Stowell, David J Mela, Patrick Coppens, Julie A Lovegrove, Harry J McArdle, Frans J P van der Sman, Hans Verhagen, Hayley A Young, Ian S Young (2023). Meeting Summary: “Dietary supplements, 'functional' and 'super' foods: Science, regulations and roles in the diet”. Royal Society of Medicine, London, 29 November 2022. DOI 10.31219/











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