Scientific writing and editing


Publishing is a major means to expose scientific knowledge to a wider audience. Manuscripts can be published in scientific journals, and in book chapters. It is important that manuscripts are retrievable via search engines like PubMed, Google Scholar etc.

Good scientific work will be cited by others, which then increases a scientist’s citation figures and H-index.

In addition, science can also be communicated to a wider (e.g. laymen) audience via papers that are tailored to such audience.

What do I offer

- Editor of special issues.

- Help with and advise on scientific publishing.

- Translation of messages in simpler language for a larger audience.


Expertise with the topic

- Publishing over 160 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and over 150 other scientific publications.

- Editor-in-chief of Food and Chemical Toxicology (1999-2004)

- Founding editor/chief editor of the European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety (2011-2015)

- Scientific editor of special issues

- Inventor of the concept of publishing abstracts of grey literature reports in a scientific journal.

- Editorial board member of many scientific journals; currently:


Some key publications in the area

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  • M. Crews, A.B. Hanley. H. Verhagen & C. Wild (Editors)(2001). Biomarkers of exposure and effect in relation to quality of life and human risk assessment. Brit.J. Nutrition 86, supplement 1.
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  • H. Verhagen (Editor). European Journal of Food Research & Review. Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (2011-2015).
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  • H. Verhagen and O. Leino (guest Editors). Integrated Benefit and Risk Analysis for Assessing Food Safety and Health Benefit; Results from QALIBRA and BENERIS. Food and Chemical Toxicology (2013), volume 54, issue 4. Elsevier Scientific Press, The Netherlands.
  • François L., Haaksma M.L., van der Harst A.S.M., Cristobal Monraz Gomez L., Schreurs M.A.C., Gielis R., Vos N., Witkamp R., Verhagen H. (2014). A Study of Grey Literature in the Field of Nutrition, Health and Food Safety - Quantity, Retrievability and Scientist’s Point of View. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety 4(2): 157-176.