(Interim) management


(Senior) management of a (larger) group of professionals is a welcome task. My style of management builds on showing trust in all staff at all levels from the perspective of situational leadership: bringing the entire group further by collaboration, coaching and stimulation to achieve. Results are a shared achievement, one that can and should be celebrated together.

Management expertise together with a scientific background provides for a constructive, critical while enthusiastic role in governing boards, management boards etc. 



What do I offer

- Position in governing boards, management boards, etc.

- Management of a larger group of professionals (interim management or part-time).


Expertise with the topic

- Head of Department ‘Risk Assessment and Scientific Assistance’ at EFSA (2015-2018); ca 120 staff.

- Head Centre for ‘Nutrition and Health’ at RIVM (2005-2012); 25-45 staff.

- Head of Department ‘Food and Non-Food Analysis’ at TNO (1995-2000); 25-80 staff.

- Various governing boards, management boards (HBM4EU project, EuroFIR project, Max Rubner Institute, various past EU projects, Editorial Board member of many scientific journals, etc).