Nutrient profiling, logo’s, food reformulation


The term ‘nutrient profile’ refers to the nutrient composition of a food or diet. ‘Nutrient profiling is the science of classifying or ranking foods according to their nutritional composition for reasons related to preventing disease and promoting health’ (WHO).

Nutrient profiling schemes can serve various purposes, such as: product labelling logos or symbols, information and education, provision of food to public institutions, use of economic tools to orient food consumption, marketing of foods to children, identify foods for health and nutrition claims, and food reformulation.

In the EU, nutrient profiles have been set by EFSA, solely for the purpose for the Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims made on Foods. EFSA in 2008, published its Scientific Opinion “The setting of nutrient profiles for foods bearing nutrition and health claims pursuant to Article 4 of the Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006”. To date, that Opinion has not been used yet by the EC to identify foods that can or cannot bear nutrition or health claims.

Nutrient profiling underlies many logo’s on foods across the world. In the Netherlands, nutrient profiles were the basis for the ‘Ik Kies Bewust’ (‘Het Vinkje’) logo that featured from 2006-2016. The logo identifies the healthier choices within a product group. Food reformulation was the driving force behind the logo. Whereas this logo stopped in the Netherlands in 2016, its international comparator is expanding (Choices International).


Detailed information can be found:

- European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)  

- World Health Organisation (WHO)  

- European Commission (EC)  

- Choices International 

- RIVM (Food Reformulation)


What do I offer

- Logo’s, food-based dietary guidelines, food reformulation considerations for public health.

- Framing and designing of food-reformulation projects, problem formulation.

- Execution of food-reformulation projects, publication and presentation of results.

- Presenting on nutrient profiling and the use of logo’s for food and nutrition. 

- Collaboration in (EU) projects as an SME.


Expertise with the topic

- member of the International Board of Choices International Foundation since 2023

- (Co-)author of various publications on nutrient profiling.

- Originator of a model to compare nutrient profiling schemes.

- Contributor to the EFSA Scientific Opinion on nutrient profiles (2008).

- Member of the scientific evaluation committee for the ‘Ik Kies Bewust’ – logo in the Netherlands.

Some key publications in the area